How to Manage Religious Holiday Pay (THR) Wise

THR is, of course, one of the things to look forward to for those of you who are already working. This is due to the fact that THR can assist us in meeting unexpected Eid needs. When we receive THR, we are sometimes unsure how to allocate the funds. As a result, the use of THR is inappropriate for the needs. To avoid this, I’ll try to explain how to manage THR so that it serves its purpose and is useful for our Eid needs.

Zakat and Charitable Giving

Zakat Eid is an obligation that we as capable Muslims must fulfill. THR can be used for zakat or charity to those in need. This is one of the things we must prioritize in order to share with others, and it is a form of gratitude for the blessings bestowed by Allah SWT.

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Sharing with Our Relatives or Family

Eid al-Fitr is familiar with spending time with family; it does not feel complete if we do not spend THR with our siblings, relatives, or brothers and sisters. Sharing THR with our families is one of the other THR allocations.

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Needs for Eid and Homecoming

Of course, there are various types of needs other than daily needs during Eid. You can also use THR to meet your Eid needs by allocating it. Furthermore, for those of you who return to your hometown, you can use your THR to meet the needs of your hometown.

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Debt Repayment and Investment

If you still have outstanding debts, THR can be used to pay them off. If you have no debt dependents, you can invest as one of the THR allocations to make it more useful.

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Those are the things you can spend THR money on. We are not free to waste money with THR money, but it does help us cover our financial shortfalls during Eid and use it wisely.



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