5 Things to Think About When Shopping Online and Offline

Shopping is a popular pastime among many people, particularly women. In today’s era, shopping has become easy because it can be done online. A variety of online platforms are also available to make shopping easier and faster for consumers. Starting an online shop business is also easier because anyone can sell without worrying about the cost of renting a space. However, the presence of online stores does not imply that offline stores are devoid of customers. Shopping both online and offline has its own unique experience for me. Here I attempt to describe the five factors to consider when shopping online or offline.

Online Shopping

When I shop online, I consider the following five factors:

  1. The store has received positive feedback from previous customers.
  2. The product photos and descriptions displayed are accurate.
  3. Store service is good and easy to contact
  4. The price of the product is in accordance with the quality of the product
  5. Safe product packaging and delivery according to customer choice.

Photo : https://unsplash.com/@cardmapr

One disadvantage of shopping online is that we cannot physically inspect and test the products. It will be difficult to predict how the shoes will look when we use them, just as it is difficult to predict how the shoes will look when we buy them. I usually prefer to shop offline for items like this.

Offline Shopping

When I shop offline, I consider the following five factors:

  1. Purchase must-try items such as shoes.
  2. The product requires high security to avoid damage, like electronic goods.
  3. Purchasing products with specific color specifications, such as purchasing a specific color veil to match the clothes.
  4. Shipping costs are cheaper when buying products offline than online
  5. Items with a high enough price tag that it is necessary to inspect the product before purchasing it.

Photo : https://unsplash.com/@freestocks

Of course, both online and offline shopping has advantages and disadvantages. We benefit greatly from online shopping, but offline stores are still required to see and feel the experience of trying these goods firsthand, or to know for certain the products we intend to purchase. When I want to buy a product with a high price, I always go to an offline store first to find out the price and to see the actual product. If the price difference is significant enough, I will consider purchasing products online as an alternative option. Of course, I’ll go with the official store to ensure that my product purchases are secure. It all comes down to our needs when deciding whether to shop online or offline. If you are, how do you decide whether to shop online or offline?



Featured Image : https://unsplash.com/@freestocks