7 Blog Recommendations for Enhancing Your Knowledge

As a new blogger, one thing I did before starting this blog was look for inspiration and benchmarking on other blogs. It is difficult to find a blog that is suitable for our tastes, and I will have to look further before I find one. When I am looking for a blog, I consider factors such as blog design, writing style, blog theme, and many others. Here, I’ll share some blogs that have piqued my interest and may serve as inspiration for you to start your own.


Medium.com is a blogging platform that allows users to write and share their thoughts. I really like medium.com because it allows me to find a variety of topics from bloggers all over the world. There are numerous topics to choose from, and you can personalize your search to your specific interests. It is a free platform where anyone can write. You can also subscribe to the premium package, but I believe the free version is sufficient for beginners.

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Gitasav is an Indonesian influencer who lives in Germany and writes about current issues that many people are discussing, such as mental health, culture, and many others. Actually, Gitasav is a youtuber who shares videos on her YouTube channel, but she also writes on her blog.

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Are you a bookworm? If you’re looking for a blog that can give you book recommendations, Sintiaastarina.com is one of the book bloggers to consider. She is also a book influencer on Instagram, where she frequently shares book-related content. She also writes about book reviews, travel, libraries, and other topics on her blogs. If you want to buy the book but are unaware of the review, you can read it on her blog or Instagram.

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Naked-traveler.com, as the names imply, is a travel blog that discusses the traveling experience. This blog is so well-known that it has inspired a book and a film. Those of you who enjoy traveling can read about my experiences on this blog.

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Rembulan.com is a blog that offers brief but informative articles on a variety of topics. This blog contains some information, and you can select the topics that interest you. This blog is still in its early stages, but the articles it publishes are interesting and up to date.

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Panduanim.com is a good place to start if you want to learn more about digital marketing. When I first started this blog, I read a lot of the articles on it. The explanation is simple enough that we can understand what digital marketing is all about. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, I recommend reading this blog.

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Diana Rika Sari is a writer who also holds a blog. She is an Indonesian blogger with a passion for design. Her theme blog is very colorful, and you will not be bored while reading it.

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So, there are seven blogs I recommend you read. So, how about you? What are the blog recommendations that you will make? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below; it will allow us to learn more about other blogs.